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We build low-cost websites for small businesses and landing pages for those just getting started. Our websites are conversion machines that convert visitors into paying customers.

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High-Converting, Headache-Free Websites

Avoid the shark-infested waters of cheap website design and horrible lockout clauses. Opt for cheap website design and you’ll be doing more harm than good. Most likely it’ll be rushed and full of broken elements that probably cost you more in developer fees to fix than the entire website cost in the first place, and you might be locked in until a cheap provider can recoup the cost of offering it so cheaply in the first place.

At LeadCat, it’s different. Here you’ll find affordable website design from reliable, honest marketers — and we’ll never lock you out of your website. Our websites are designed to be easy-to-use, so you can make edits anytime you need.

Rather than promise a “fully bespoke” low-cost website, we are realistic and honest in our approach. From our conversations with over 2000 business owners unable to create a site of their own or invest thousands in website design and development, we’ve discovered that the biggest problem is getting started. Our conversion-optimised websites are designed to do just that — get you started and pull in sales right away, not scare prospects off with a messy design stuffed with code.

Not ready for a full website? You’ll get a landing page designed to act as the front page of your business. It will hook your prospects from the start and lead them to take one single, important action. It’ll have style and substance and give you the foundation you need to scale it and create something incredible when your business is ready.

Here’s what you’ll get with a LeadCat website

  • LeadCat’s own custom, conversion-optimised website template.
  • Free website hosting for the first year.
  • Optional copywriting add-on or free video support on how to write compelling website copy.
  • No ongoing costs or contracts for development services. You can fly solo from here or opt for an affordable SEO or PPC package with no minimum terms to boost the traffic coming to your website.

Here’s what you’ll get with a LeadCat landing page

  • LeadCat’s own custom, conversion-optimised template.
  • A professional landing page with 150 words of persuasive web copy (additional copy is available for an extra fee).
  • Integrates with your WordPress website or can standalone.
  • No ongoing costs or contracts for development or other services. You can fly solo from here or opt for a  PPC package with no minimum terms to get leads to your landing page.
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Why Choose LeadCat as Your Website Design Company?

We can’t count the number of times we’ve spoken to businesses with cheap websites so riddled with issues that they’re almost unusable and barely making enough sales to cover the hosting fee. 

Does this mean good-quality, affordable web design is a myth? Fortunately, it doesn’t.

Our website design service delivers the most crucial and effective elements you need to start converting visitors into paying customers. We’ve built thousands of small business websites and landing pages, and have nailed the formula for success. 

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