Affordable Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok — that’s an ocean of people potentially talking about your brand.

Be part of the conversation with LeadCat’s effective social media management for small businesses on a budget.

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Affordable Social Media Marketing That Turns Your Customers into Super Fans and Brand Advocates

If you want to position your business so that people think of your product or service and instantly associate it with your company, you’ll need to build brand awareness. But let people dictate how others perceive you, and the results can be disastrous. With social media marketing, you control the image of your business and become part of the conversation. You can communicate with customers and show them who you are, and that extra attention and care can boost sales and have them promoting your business for you — for free!

You don’t have to fork out for an expensive large-scale social media campaign comprising influencer marketing or viral PR stunts — you just have to be present on the right social media channels (the ones your customers are hanging out on), and create content that they love to consume and share.

Consistent and efficient social media marketing requires more than just throwing together a quick update and spamming promotional offers to your followers. You need time — time that you’d likely rather invest in other areas of your business — effort, know-how and a plan. With LeadCat, you can promote your business and communicate with your customers the right way. No expensive and risky campaigns; just simple, reliable and affordable social media management for your small business.

Social Media Setup

Setting up your social media profiles: it’s pretty easy, right? Pop in your email address, confirm your account, and that’s it. You’re ready to start posting and promoting your business.

But the way you set up your social media profiles can either result in credibility — and, potentially, sales — right out of the gate, or it can derail your chances by making you look unprofessional and turning people off your business!

Choose three social media profiles (from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn), and we’ll set up your profiles the right way to prevent your social media efforts from failing before you even get started.

Social Media Management

Managing your social media profiles may seem fun to begin with. You start off the right way: posting regularly, sharing valuable content, and interacting with people on your profile. But then you hit a wall. Ideas run dry. There’s no cohesiveness because you never had a strategy to begin with. You get fed up with posting multiple updates across multiple platforms. So when a potential customer finds you on social media and sees that your most recent post is six months old, they might wonder if you’re even still in business.

Keep your social media profiles alive and working hard to attract new leads with our affordable social media management service. We’ll write your posts in your voice and communicate with your followers.

And with automated reporting and quarterly calls to monitor progress, you’ll be able to see that social media marketing is so much more than tracking “vanity” numbers.

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Why Choose LeadCat as Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

LeadCat was developed to cater to the many, many small businesses that desperately need digital marketing services but lack the funds to maintain high-investment campaigns. Will digital marketing make you a millionaire overnight? No, and we’d advise you to run from anyone who says it can, but we do strive to provide great marketing and cost-effective Social Media solutions to help your company grow and, in time, reach its full potential. 

With LeadCat’s digital marketing services, you get:

  • A free marketing review showing you the juiciest low-hanging fruit with no obligation to move forward.
  • Reliable and affordable digital marketing for your small business.
  • Experienced digital marketing professionals who have worked with businesses in all industries, large and small.
  • The basic foundation your website needs to support large-scale, sophisticated marketing campaigns in the future.
  • Effective Social Media campaigns that don’t force you to break the bank.

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