About LeadCat: The Affordable and Honest Small Business Digital Marketing Agency

You need a hefty marketing budget to grow your business, but you can’t invest in marketing without sales from your business. It’s a chicken and egg situation!

But not with LeadCat. Get affordable marketing for your small or local business that delivers results.

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LeadCat? What’s That?

LeadCat is an honest, affordable digital marketing agency for local and small businesses. We’re the result of many years of digital marketing experience and wanting to do good in the industry. We’ve seen countless small and local businesses being taken advantage of time and time again by so-called ‘marketing agencies’ making false promises, locking clients into long contracts and delivering poor work — if they do any work at all.

We’ve had enough of seeing people get burned. So we created something different. We provide small business owners with digital marketing solutions that fit with their needs and budget, where work actually gets done, wrapped in an approach that is honest when setting expectations and reliable in execution. 

businessman on laptop
Photo of LeacCat founder, Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Who’s Behind LeadCat?

Tim Cameron-Kitchen, best-selling author and leading authority on digital marketing, runs the show at LeadCat. Tim has worked in digital marketing since 2005 and established Exposure Ninja, a leading digital marketing agency for SMEs in 2012. 

During his time in the industry, Tim has met thousands of business owners with big ambitions to grow their businesses but without the hefty budget to invest. Not knowing where to go, they struggle and stagnate, and some even throw precious cash into cheap marketing solutions for no returns.

If this sounds like you, LeadCat is for you. If you’re on a tighter budget, we can help you improve your website rankings, traffic and sales, whether you run a budding eCommerce store, a fledgeling SaaS company or you’re running a solo service business, we can help you reach more customers.